Welcome to Leederville Early Childhood Centre

Our Centre opened as Leederville Childcare Centre in May 1993 with three rooms – one to accommodate babies aged between birth and 2 years, the second to accommodate toddlers aged between 2 and 3 years and the third to accommodate children aged between 3 and 6 years. We have since changed the age groups and made changes to the setting and have four rooms.

Our Centre changed its name to Leederville Early Childhood Centre in May 2003 to celebrate 10 years of service and to reinforce the work and commitment to the Community and early childhood experiences of the children attending.

Our Centre is community based, not for profit incorporated association. It is operated and is licensed under the Early Childhood Education and Care National Regulations and Act (WA) (2012). It is managed by the Nominated Supervisor and with the support of the Parent Management Committee. This Committee is formed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Our Set Up

Room                                    Age                                      Educator Ratio

Nursery                                 0 -12mths                            1:4 ratio

Toddlers                               12 mths – 2 yrs                    1:4 ratio

Playschool                            2 yrs – 3 yrs                         1:5 ratio

Kindy                                    3 yrs – 6yrs                          1:10 ratio

The number of children varies depending on the demand of the community.  We ensure there are four educators per room to allow continuity of care and the support of primary caregiving. Ages are only a guideline; Educators base the curriculum and environment on the needs of the children.